Why Stryker?

Over the years, we have found our service stands apart based on these clear points of difference. . .


1. Interior Renovation Specialist

Stryker Construction focuses specifically on interior renovation projects. We have a clear understanding of what our customers want, and because we have analyzed the small details they desire, we have documented systems for providing our clients premium construction services.


2. Project Management Software

Stryker’s project management software gives customers their own specific web page to login, view, and follow the progress. This gives our clients access to job information including weekly updates, schedules, bids, change orders, job pictures, finishes and warranty information.


3. Versatility

We understand the unique needs of working with companies across many industries. From pharmaceutical clean room environments, to an occupied remodel in an office building; we analyze the environment and make sure we put the right team and plan in place to ensure your project is a success.


4. People

Our superintendents have 25+ years experience in the commercial interiors market. This means they can see problems before they actually occur and can address them before they affect the project. They manage projects in the correct sequence, to keep disruption to your business at a minimum.


5. Documented Quality Standards

Our documented quality standards provide our customers with a trusting knowledge that we will deliver the same high quality product time and again.


6. “Heartbeat” Checklist

The “Heartbeat” is a documented checklist that allows our project team to follow a strict process for gathering the needed information, and then passing it along to be constructed in a documented and monitored sequence.


7. Strong Subcontractor Relationships

We have strong relationships with subcontractors that specialize in interior renovation work. They understand the process of working in an interior focused environment and we team with them to expand our labor and complete projects both large and small.